All ive been talking about the last few weeks is BABIES. I have a really bad case of baby fever. the few times ive had baby fever ive gotten pregnant yall. i keep telljng my hubby we should avoid sex unless hes ready for another one (we have a 7 month old and had a miscarriage in january) So he's like "well ill be right back" he was gone for about 30 minutes. i was getting our son to sleep. i was going to take a shower after and he already had my bath water ran, A BUBBLE BATH, roses and a few candles. lets just say after tonight hopefully we'll be expecting our rainbow baby 😊 he definitely made my night perfect. ❤ ********UPDATE*********** I think my baby fever came from me ovulating. lol. i just been in a baby making mood. its slowly going away. very slow 😭 its too early to test but i will update after we test in about 2 weeks😊 *baby dust to you*