Teaching My 4 year old about Hell?


I have a daughter who loves Jesus so much and loves to learn about the Bible. She came to know Christ this past year and is well on her way to having a good understanding of the gospel and ability to study scripture on her own one day. (She is reading, she's an early reader, but I don't think shes ready to study scripture without a guide yet obviously) She has recently been asking me about hell/why God allows people to not be saved/free will/will her friends go to hell/what is hell like. It is so difficult because she has a high emotional IQ but she is so young I just don't want her constantly fearing for her friends salvation yet, or her faith turning to fire insurance. Does anybody have any ideas on how to answer these questions with tact and with honesty that doesn't terrify her or belittle the truths of the Bible? I have been praying for wisdom but nothing yet.