I Should have done this sooner


This is a message to all the glow moms who talked with me threw my twin pregnancy, and I should have done this sooner to say I had a missed miscarriage when I was 18 weeks, and I didn’t know till my next appointment at 20 weeks. I wanted to do this sooner, but it was so hard I was so broken and sad I ended up deleting the app.

That was two months ago and I got cleaned and got on birth control to regulate my periods after, but 2 days ago I woke up throwing up, and I’ve been avoiding a lot of my favorite food,but what brought it all together is I missed my last period. I’ve had 2 positive pregnancy tests, and a doctors appointment next Friday to make sure, but I might be pregnant again.

I’m so scared what if it happens again I don’t think I could recover next time, and I’m sorry i know I should have done this sooner to tell what happened, and I hope y’all understand.