Sometimes I ask myself why


So my boyfriend comes home today from working out of town he’s been gone about 2 weeks like always. However he’s been messaging me all week about how excited he is to get here bc he’s been so horny blah blah blah. So last night I started my period... haha he has a thing with blood so that’s a no go even no shower sex. So I haven’t had the heart to tell him yet until he sent me a Snapchat said “are you ready for the d” I said back “umm there is no d happening today” the conversation goes as follows

H- why not?

M- why do you think my v would be a no go zone??

H- you better not be bleeding!

M- you realize I have no control over that right???

Good lord. Whyyyy are men so ridiculous. Honestly I’d think he’d be excited bc it means a weekend of bjs so he can be lazy and do no work.... 🤷🏻‍♀️