Sure I’m just faking the tears.. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‘

So today I got my IV iron. Every Wednesday I have to get it. So SO came with me & he was always on his phone. The nurse that had to put my IV was new at this & it was her first time, sooo she poke me 2 times & they really hurt. It even made me cryyy. Until she got another nurse & was able to put it in but still hurt ( idk what it was but this time the three times made me cry, & the last 2 Wednesdays I was fine with it) mind you my SO never came to me & comfort me. We got home & he made the stupidest question. β€œ it doesn’t even hurt when they put the IV in right”? I wanted to punch his balls & say β€œ it doesn’t hurt when I punch your balls right?” I just didn’t respond & ignore him. I swear whyy, some guys think that everything we go thru ( IVs, cervix check, blood test, contractions, & injections) don’t hurt at all? It gets me mad that some of them see what we go thru for our babies & they still act like an asshole towards you? I wish they can go thru what we go thru for just one day. They wouldn’t be taking everything so calm.