Line got way darker... Confirms my Pregnancy?

Natasha • Second baby on the way, I am Blessed♡♡♡
Does this mean everything is on the right track so far? Today_thursday 3 days past my missed period and lines are way darker on preg test. The one on the top was my first posotive Witch was taken a week ago at 10 days past ovulation. I guess this is a good sign? The very early symptoms I had of bloating and uterus gurgling and crazy Bach ache has all gone away pretty much. If I wasn't paying attention to every little thing in my body and trying to concieve then I might have missed those signs. Now that I've already missed my period the symptoms I have now are headache. really tired . Dizzy headed. Very irritable and can go fron 1 to 100 in seconds .And Yes the nipple are tender also feeling Hott all the time. These are the symptoms I remember with my son as with him I found out a little later then I did with this one. I feel like crap! But I'm so happy .. God bless u girls and may their be babies Galore . Summer time/ baby making prime time