Praying I'm pregnant. Signs and symptoms

Hannah • TTC for baby #1 (had a miscarriage April 9th, 2015) waiting for my 🌈 baby
So I had a miscarriage in April and then immediately in May had a normal period that was on time and lasted exactly 5 days like it usually does...well that doesn't happen to most people. Most people don't get their period again for another 2-3 months and even then it isn't regular. So I was super excited and stuff so we tried TTC right after on the green week. Glow says I will start tomorrow but shouldn't really start till the 21st or 22nd at the latest. I have had diarrhea which I only had when pregnant the first time, I have had bad headaches and migraines, I have been very emotional and very whiney over the tiniest things, and I have zero signs that AF is coming and I normally have cramps...well last time j got my BFP I had zero signs of AF as well and then Bam! It took us 1 1/2 years to get pregnant and we lost the baby at 5 weeks:( I have gotten negative test last week and this Monday but I am praying that it's just too early...anyone think I am pregnant again??