I'm scared I may be pregnant!?!?

The night after I had sex I got really sick and I had the runs. Two days later my boobs were sore so bad. And I been getting constipated with dark green stool. I been feeling really sick in my stomach. And sometimes force myself to eat because I can't eat. At work I'm a waitress so I'm used to a big rush... Well today I couldn't take it I felt so dizzy and would forget what I was doing. I was also sweating like crazy while my other coworkers weren't. Could I be sick or could I be pregnant? I'm 3 days away from my period and my boobs usually hurt 3 days before exact but they started hurting 11 days before my period.  
This was unprotected sex. And he pulled out of course he said he didn't cum in me but I'm also worried about pre cum