Anyone had a baby in their 20s and now ttc #2

I fell pregnant at 25 after a one night stand. I raised ds alone without his dad and it was very tough but I love ds to bits and would never change having him. Not had many relationships since then as it's hard to meet people and I didn't want a lot of disruption for ds. Never ruled out having more kids but didn't really mind if I didn't. I'm now 35 and earlier this year got together with my best male friend who I'd known for a couple of yrs. He's so lovely, never been treated as well and he's great with ds. He's 33 with no kids. Straight away I felt broody but held off. Last month I mentioned to DP how broody I felt and he said he felt the same. Ds has always wanted a little sibling. We decided to start straight away given my age and not knowing if there were any fertility issues on his end (or even my end). Started ttc this month and got a faint line this morning at 9dpo but need to retest. Anyone else trying for a second with a big gap?