Is anybody else post-Mirena IUD?

Hello everyone! I am new here. I just recently, about a month &a week ago,got my Mirena IUD out. I had it in for about two and a half years.Me and my fiance are TTC. We have a very healthy sex life, atleast once a day.For the last few days I have thought I was pregnant.I have had sore breasts, headaches,spotting,nausea,frequent urination. But, after reading when the fertile window is, I'm beginning to think maybe since I just got my Mirena removed that it's just an irregular period? I'm confused and deffinetly would be disappointed.My fiance and I even bought a fertility test at the store and made sure his sperm was good,which it is. I just really hope the IUD didn't ruin anything. Has anybody else experienced anything similar?