Would anyone els be hurt?

Monica • One happy mamma! 😍 💙👶🏼
So my niece called my working asking for me mom. She was busy so I took the call, my niece says how she's going for interviews blah blah. So I ask her why she been arguing with her mom and she gets quit, I said Marissa told me who is my other sister. So then I said I'm just kidding cuz I know my sister started that fight. After we got off the phone my niece text me saying they 3 way called me and for some reason my older sister didn't say anything and was just listing in the whole time. And my sister is crying cuz we are talking about her btw she's 40 and no one was talking crap. 
  I feel betrayed that she was being shAdy and not saying something over the phone. Also I texted me during the morning to see if she's still coming to my ultrasound tmrw and she never texted me back tell after I found out she was crying. She's not going. 
  My mom gets a phone call from my older sister. She doesn't tell her anything about what happened. But at the end tells my mom to tell me she's not coming cuz her friend is having a baby Saturday. It's her 8th kid and she's not going to see my first baby ultrasound. I really just need to get this off my chest cuz my feelings are beond crushed right now.