BFN but feeling pregnant

Evy • Pregnant with baby #1 due June 25!
This is my 3rd cycle ttc and I had no idea the anxiety this would all cause me. Sheesh! Today I tested at 11 dpo and got a BFN. I know, I know, it is still pretty early to test- but I have read so many accounts of women getting their BFP this early and I hoped that would be me. I've been spotting for about 4 days now. Today I have barely seen any discharge. I don't have sore breasts or a strong sense of smell, but I have been feeling uncomfortable. I'm having hot flashes and my stomach feels uneasy. I look like I might as well be pregnant from how bloated I am. I'm mainly worried that I spotted for too long for it to have been implantation? Do I still have a chance? When's the next time I can test? My AF is due Tuesday. Please send me baby dust!!! Baby dust to you all!!