Sharing your loss.

I want to scream shout tell everyone I have ever met to stop ✋ I am hurting I feel lost and alone and want to share what I am going through. I am usually a private person socially(social media) right now I would like to post a million sad poems about loosing my baby. But I never told anyone I was pregnant and that seems unfair. Why does miscarragie have to be a silent grief? No one talks about it no one asks how I am doing. Everyone has moved on with there life like there never was a baby. What have all you ladies done to help when no one talks about it? I bring it up to my husband and dad when I'm upset but my own mom doesn't even call often to see how I am anymore. I hate that this is the only place I can come to vent and I'm sorry if there are like 500 posts from me I started stupid af today for the first time and am heartbroken.