Loss Number 2 in a Row


I am a 40 year old mom to 3 boys (DS 14, DS 14, DS 9) who has fallen in love with a wonderful 39 year old man who has never had children. I have always wanted more children and was excited to try to do this together. I have never experienced a loss before now. On March 7th, I had an early loss at 5 weeks. Today, I am pregnant again and have had faint positives since Saturday, but the lines weren't getting any darker, so I called my doctor for a blood test. My hcg is a 6. I know that I am in the same boat as last month now. I have to repeat it on Friday and the nurse who called me was so peppy and optimistic and telling me after Friday I could schedule my first ultrasound. This made me incredibly frustrated. I am certain that this pregnancy is over. I am devastated. Am I just too old? Any positive stories of after age 40 and 2 back to back early miscarriages?