Helpful BBT article.

Kaitlin • Wife to SB. Mommy to PB.
Hi all,
Lately I have been confused about BBT. This is my first month TTC. My temp dropped to 96.8 on my predicted O day (lower than normal 6/16) then stayed anywhere from 97.4-98.1. I was a little disheartened and confused because I thought BBT was to continue "rising" not just staying up. So I thought it should have continued to peak and get warmer each day. I thought it would have been a little excessive and you would get to a fever like state but from the way it's worded most of the time that's what it sounds like. At least for me who I had no idea the science behind it all. It's completely stressed me out worrying over my fertility. But I also always have different wake times each day, often sleep with my mouth open, and often not get the best sleep (especially the last few days). Most days I wake up anywhere from 11-12pm (my husband works 2nd shift), one day I woke up at 10am, today at 8am. Always falling asleep between 3-5am. I found this article really explained it well so I wanted to share for anyone else confused.
I also have a question: do wake up times make your temps vary by much? My temp is going up, down, up, down, up. 96.9, 98.3, 97.9, 98.1, 97.4. Any insight? Thanks so much!