Off depo struggling w cyst. Anyone have similar experience?

💙Shadoe✨ • Just conceived our rainbow baby:) M/C in March 14 & chemical November 14... Going to marry the man of my dreams<3 After 14 months of trying finally got our BFP 8/7/15! Praying for a sticky baby🚼

I have been off of depo for 1 year now and I also struggle with cysts on my ovaries. June cycle for me was very light but on time, then I had a cyst burst (talk about ouch!) And am fighting off a uti.

My question is... Has any of you ladies that struggle with these same issues had any luck right after having a cyst rupture. My thinking is that maybe since that cyst is out of the way now a new egg can go on and drop.

I am on the second day of my fertile week currently and really wanting my bfp this month!

Does anyone have any experiences they could share, or thoughts on the situation? Thanks ladies!