Postpartum depression?

Elizabeth • Mommy of one beautiful girl, and twin boys (:
I'm not going to post anonymously just so you all know that this is really someone in need. I have been reading the signs of this and I meet some of them. I am so tired. All I want to do is sleep. I don't wake up to my boys at night, and when someone wakes me up, I'm fighting to stay awake. I do nap a little during the day. I am very very moody. I am getting quite angry, quite fast. My husband and I have had a few nasty fights lately. We have never fought like this. It's mainly my fault that these fights happen. I just suddenly get so angry over the dumbest things, and I'm not exactly nice with my words. I do feel quite distant. I feel like a bad mom because I'm not waking up to them. The first night, I woke up to them, then bam, not so much. I don't want to harm my children or myself, so i don't know if I could possibly be suffering from this. I'm assuming you don't have to have every sign in order to suffer. I do have a doctors appointment on the 30th for my 6 week check up, and I will be bringing this to my doctors attention. I have also been very weepy. I just want to cry most days. I burst into tears 2 days after they were born, and I was fine for while. The last two weeks, I have cried more often.  Its only been 5 weeks since they were born. I'm I still just suffering from the baby blues? Or could it be more? I know none of you can actually say yes or no, and that my best place would be to ask the doctor, but I had to ask. I'm very happy to have my boys, I love all my children but i feel like a complete failure right about now. I don't want to play with my daughter really. And when I do, I get frustrated. I have to stop and take 10 minutes to myself. I feel horrible, so I'm asking for nice comments. Please do not bash me for this.