I'm still kinda confused (long story, sorry)

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I am in that awkward stage of not ttc to its max. I we track my period and we know the ovulation days and what not but I don't do OPKs and temps and all of that. Yes we would happily enjoy having a baby but it's not a must. We are happy either way. I am slightly nervous because eventually in the next two years I do want to have a little one but I don't want the stress to kill me LOL. 
Here's what happened: 
Period in May was on the 3rd. My ovulation day was calculated as the 16-18 one of those days. Of course we DTD. We also DTD end of that week. My periods average at 27/28 days. And they're pretty good at coming on time. I think the shortest I've had was 22 days but that was my attempt to be on birth control back in Feb and literally that was the only month I took it. Prior to that I was on DEPO in end of 2013 beginning of 2014 but I stopped because it made me depressed, moody, low sex drive and I went from 130lbs to 175lb. Which I'm still juggling with losing the weight. 
Anyways period was due May 30/31 and nothing. I got a little anxious but I mean I know periods can be late. So I wanted until CD 30/31 to take a prego test and I got a BFN. I expected this. With my son I didn't get a BFP until I was 6 weeks 😬 ... On CD 32 I decided to try again, but when I went to the store I accidentally grabbed OPK. I honestly didn't notice until I was up the steps ready to test. So I took it for the hell of it. It came up positive. Not a faint positive but clearly two lines as the directions say. I actually avoided it. I was like whatever it's probably a mistaken. I had a friend bring me a hpt and it showed negative so I said whatever. I still had BD the day after (keep in mind that we DTD just because that's when we get the chance.) CD35 I start to spot very light. My periods typically come on full and alert but since I was waiting I figured this was it. My spotting eventually went a little heavier by CD36 June 8th and I had really bad cramping. By Wednesday it was over and I was back to a light spotting for Thursday-Friday. 
I've chalked it up to my period. My last hpt was June 7th after I seen the spotting and it was negative. Now I'm confused on my ovulation days!!!!  I'm on CD 13 today & we've danced around a bit this week but I'm confused. Will I be ovulating soon? Will it be later? I kinda wanna do a few OPKs but I'm curious to see if this period will come early or late. 
Any thoughts? My next period is due June 5 if it's 28 days. 
Oh during that time from the week before AF was due up until well I guess even now I've had cramping, tender boobs, extreme fatigue, nueasous (I still get queasy)...and just over all moody. Which I know is similar to AF symptoms. My mom & sister says I'm just feeling this way because I want a baby. Which I do, but I can honestly say I'm not rushing the process. I'm just trying to understand my body and all this baby making business. My son was a happy surprise so this time is a lot different.