My baby is born

Maddy • 21 years old, first time mum 💙 27/03/18 my Odin 💙

Finally it’s my turn to tell my story.

On Tuesday 27th of March I was induced at 7am due to extreme high blood pressure 1 week and 1 day before my due date.

At 9am I was in active labour, my contractions were starting to get unbearable. The midwife checked my blood pressure and it was something like 180/110 all of a sudden doctors and surgeons rushed in trying to drop my blood pressure. They gave me two tablets and nothing happened.

Then the option of epidural was on the table. I so badly didn’t want an epi because this is my first baby and I wanted to experience everything but decided to go ahead because it was supposed to drop my blood pressure.

After the epi was in they tested bp again. It was still high but dropping.. not fast enough so they gave me a transfusion through iv.

Once my bp was stable it was time to relax. Around 11:30 i was already 6cm I started feeling pressure in my butt. Nothing major. My partner and mum decided to go grab a coffee cause everything was going great.

5 minutes after they left, my babies heart rate started dropping, and then they lost it. Again doctors and surgeons rushed in. Desperately trying to put the monitor on bubs head to get his heart rate.

They were telling me “ call your husband we might need to get you to theatre” this was the scariest experience of my life I thought I was losing my baby. They told me they could have him out in 7 minutes.

My husband and mum came back and everything started to stabilise.

At 1pm the pressure became unbearable and I told my midwife, she checked me and I was fully dilated it was finally time to push.

Half an hour of pushing and my baby was born weighing 2.88 kg

4.5 hour labour for my first baby.

2nd degree tear so a few stitches.

He is absolutely perfect

Meet Odin Dennis

Today he is 10 days old