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So my husband doesn’t share money with me. I have an amazon account. He has an amazon account. I started using his amazon account because he has prime and hasn’t given me money on my separate account. I got tired of his bitching every time I asked for money. Amazon is the only way that I can shop by myself or anything that I want I can add things to the basket take things off of the basket. I don’t have to ask anybody to take me to Amazon. So on his account I have a wish list of everything I want and need. Use it for Christmas and for other holidays. So when tax return got back I was allowed to go onto Amazon and to get a few things you know to buy for myself. His problem is that he likes to decide what I can have and what I can’t have if I needed or not. After that transaction after-tax money got here I have Botton a few other things but these other things were for my son which my husband thinks they’re OK that’s OK I can spend any money that I need to on my son because he’s my son if you need something I can buy something for him. But whenever it comes to me his wife he thinks that I don’t need half of the stuff that I want or need. I got the idea of buying one thing once a week and it had to be less than $20 and that was going to be OK next week it would’ve been another thing that was going to be less than $20 and someone and so forth one thing or two things that were not over the limit of $20. So last night I found this well I’ve had it in my cart for the longest time but it was this cute cameo that was long short-sleeved and had a V-neck and it looked really comfortable you know I was going to pair it up with a pair leggings some flat shoes or some sandals cute jewelry on I mean it was going to work it was cute and it was only $9.99 it was even prime going to get here in two days. He has changed the password on me this month the month of April 2 or three times now. So with that being said after I ordered a $10 dress from Amazon this week and that was going to be the only thing I was going to spend on this week and then I was going to wait for next week to spend on something else on Amazon for less than $20 you change the password on me again. So with this being said and with this being happened I am now asking you guys how in the world do you make your husband understand that whenever you become married it is within the law that you have to share money. I mean I really don’t want to have to give up Amazon and give up ever spending on that money there again and it’s the only place that I don’t have to depend on someone to drive me there and whenever I’m in the mood I can search it and find anything that I want whenever I want it’s the one thing I can be independent on. And I don’t want to have to divorce him just because he’s not going to share his money with me but he change the password again and that item was only bought for a day and I bet you that he has cancel the item but my whole point is that I am I can’t depend on Amazon now to buy anything that I want to have the freedom to go I could use that that’s really cute I want that I need it you know or two I just don’t know how do understand it but he is a very thickheaded on sharing his money he is very controlling and that department because he claims that he has bills to pay or he claims that he doesn’t have the money but then he can come home with a log of dip and a case of beer and everything’s peachy. And we tried the allowance thing but I got tired of asking him for money every two weeks and not to mention it was only $100 every two weeks that he got paid instead of it being a reasonable amount like $100 a week because I am a grown woman and I should have the freedom to buy whatever I want whenever I want and I do have kids to depend on I do have things that I need to buy for the house I do have you know lawn equipment things that I do need to pay for but if he is going to keep the money on a separate account that I had cannot physically touch her physically take away from that account because it is not my money and it is his and he won’t share it with me you know then how my supposed to live in this married life and do things independently if my husband wants to be controlling with money.

I don’t want it to end up me leaving him because of money. I can’t afford to supply for my kids if I ever leave. And as soon as I have availability to work I will be getting a job.