Single mother no help

I am a single mother and it's not because we got into a stupid argument and broke up. It is because he cannot physically be here right now so I must provide for my family. Some people tell me that I am not yet a single mother because I am still pregnant and my son isn't here yet but he needs things and I need to work to make sure he can get them. I work a minimum wage job (it hard to find jobs where I live) I have applied for all kinds of HELP just something to help me with bills and I am getting no where! They tell me that I make to much or to give up my car but without my car I would have no job. (Not like I have a brand new car it's yea I got it from a dealer but it is 4 years old and used) and I hear about the girls at work that lie and they get all the help in the world! One girl is on housing and pays $13 a month plus gets over $800 in food stamps then gets daycare!!! I'm not asking for any of that I just need help until I can get back on my feet or my boyfriend comes home so he can help us more. They won't give me any type of help because my car is in my name and I live in an apartment but they will help out someone who drives a better car than I do? Who has a brand new cell phone!n New sneakers! I can't even afford maternity cloths! I looks like a scrub because mine don't fit! I cry myself to sleep every night because I cannot provide for my son! And no one wants to help us! I don't mean for anyone to feel pity on us just needed to vent 😭
How can one be a failure at parenthood when their child isn't here yet?