I'm selfish for being pregnant?

Alexandria • 16 y.o., engaged to my 19 y.o. Boyfriend, i'm graduated high school, I'm fully emancipated. No haters please 😁
My mother who's in her late 40s told me I'm selfish. -.- Mainly because "everytime I try to have a baby someone else gets pregnant, my sister, your brother, and now you" she already has five kids. (23(older brother with four kids), 20 (older brother with no kids), 16(my twin brother one kid on the way and I eight weeks pregnant.), 4(little sister)).. My boyfriend heard her say that and flipped out by sayin "being pregnant and having a child is the most selfless thing you can do, you take care of that baby for nine months inside your body, give birth and raise that child till its eighteen or older!"