Crying while breastfeeding


(I have a dr appointment scheduled for Tuesday)

My one month old has not had a single issue breastfeeding. He matches on right away the first time and has been eating like a champ with a good latch since day one. But the past day and a half he’s been crying when he eats. Sometimes it starts as grunting then suddenly goes into a full blown scream, others he just immediately starts screaming. I know he wants to eat bc in between screams he starts searching for my breast. I try to take a break and burp him and he just roots the whole time. It’s not more on breast, or more during certain points in the feeding. I even tried expressing until my milk let down and then feeding him immediately after to see if maybe my let down is too forceful. I don’t know what to do and I’m worried he isn’t getting enough to eat because of it. 😔