So lost

Samantha • I am me.
So...2 days after having my son I started having signs of depression and then after 2 weeks I thought it went away but realized it was still there when we first tried to have sex again. During my third trimester my vagina hurt so bad but I was told it was normal but almost 2 months after delivery it's still hurting its so painful and I don't know whats wrong. I'm scared to see my doctor because they tested me during labor to see if I had a possible yeast infection but everything came back normal. I'm scared I won't be able to make love to my SO anymore and that thought has made me lose so much desire to do much. I don't feel beautiful or sexy for him anymore I never do my hair and makeup anymore but I used to never leave the house without it he wants to get married but I dont think I want to get married anymore and I've been debating on if I should even stay anymore. I saw a picture of myself naked before baby and my body is completely saggy and just horribly awful now and I'm just completely lost on what I'm even doing anymore or what I even should do anymore I need help