Worried baby won’t cooperate at 20 week scan?

Sha • I love my baby <3

Hi everyone!! First time mummy here. Tomorrow is my 20 week scan and my husband and I are so so so excited! My whole family are dying to know the gender of our little one too.

I’m just a little bit worried that we won’t be able to find out the gender due to baby being uncooperative. At my dating scan (which I had at 12 weeks late) baby was very uncooperative. I had to stay back a whole 2 extra hours just so the sonographer could get all the pictures. I’m nervous that baby will do that again 😱 and I honestly can’t wait to find out the gender. The suspense is killing me! Everyone is guessing my little one is a girl, and so am I 😅 I just want to know right now!

Any tips on what I could do to ensure baby is active? Or any foods I should eat before the ultrasound? I know in the end its all out of my hands. But I’m willing to try anything.

Thanks ! 😄