3 years together & haven’t formally met his friends

So it doesnt really bug me nor do I care that much but its kinda annoying how my bf of 3 years, knows my friends and their intentions w me, Bc he has met them all when we hang out as a group.

But ive never formally met his friends. they all are guys. None have girlfriends. So I understand maybe that’s why he hasn’t gotten the chance to? Since whenever he hangs out w his homies it’s all dudes, they single & it’s late at night? I’ve told him we should all hang out so I can know them well & he just says “yeah we should” but it’s never nothing firm.

No he doesn’t hide me from them. It’s very clear to all that he is taken & who I am. They know how I look like & all. & they know we are serious & love each other very much.

But would this bother y’all or no?