Does Anyone Else Do This? Might be TMI.

Brittney • Brittney, 20, Aries. ❤️
I'm twenty. I've never had sex. No P in V, and everytime oral was even attempted I stop it because I'm uncomfortable. The most I've done on touching and being touched. Like he's nothing was ever inside me. I know fingers don't get you pregnant. But every time I have an encounter like that, I stress myself Out beyond belief that I might be pregnant. I know it isn't possible unless maybe there was semen on the males hands, to my knowledge this has never been the case. But I do this every time and it's horrible. I'm considering birth control now, to A) Ease my fears ten fold. &  B) allow me to relax for once. Of course I'm posting this because I'm in this boat again. I feel so stupid. I try so hard to be responsible.