Advice or a good laugh idc which one

Jordyn • Hi! I’m Jordyn, I’m 16 years old, my best friend recommended this so decide to check it out plus I can’t keep track of my period for nothing. Also thought it be good to talk to good nature ladies about life

Sooo yesterday I turned 16. And I was planing this little bday dinner for Saturday and invite a lot of my friends which added up to like 20 people. I invited them about 2 weeks ago. So here’s where my problem starts my two best friends both text me that they come because of money issues but said that we would do something else. So yea I was a little disappointed and low key wanted to cancel it but I was eventually cool with it. But from there things just started spiraling downward when person after person said that they couldn’t come and they all had their valid reasons but it just hurt cuz I’m not even sure if 5 pple are coming. I think the last straw was about 1 hr ago my closes friend in high school said she couldn’t come. And I’m like if my closest friends not comin what’s the point. But I think this all boils down to whenever I plan something I want everything to go to according to that plan. Soooo please any advice, words of encouragement, jokes I don’t give a a flying duck anymore I just need something.

P.S. Srry for this long behind paragraph