Confused!! Help needed!


So me and my husband have decided it’s time we TTC (started trying from about January).

Iv been on the pill for a number of years and my periods finally started to regulate end of Feb. (Of course) since trying Iv become obsessed with checking CP and CM.

Normally, I know I ovulate from my calendar , temp, CP (soft, high, open and wet - sorry) and CM. After this time, CP drops lower, firm and starts to dry. It gets soft then the day before AF, and firms once finished.

I’m now PO day 7. My cervix is medium, soft, very slippery and feels slightly open. I have no idea why this might be and cannot find any research to explain this?!! This is not normal for me! (I have had some, but not a heavy amount, of creamy, lotion like discharge since ovulation which is still occurring now).

Is it possible to ovulate twice in one cycle? Since Feb my cycles have been very regular, but I know this is early days for me!! I do know CP is not a good indicator of pregnancy, and I’m not suggesting that at all. I’m just very confused as to why my CP was soft, high, open and wet when my temp indicated I had ovulated (it had dropped lower and firmed up one day after suspected ovulation). Now 7 days P.O. it’s back to being medium, soft and slippery and has been this was since P.O. day 2.

I haven’t experienced this before therefore any advice people can give me would be massively appreciated!

Thank you :)