Am I being irrational?

So I found out that I am pregnant and I am supper happy and excited about it, we’ve been trying for months. We told a two close friends at work about it and they were super happy about it and they’re the type of people to keep it to themselves. Well the other day two other people saw me feeling sick and found out I was pregnant. Today I went into work and found out that those two were telling people about my pregnancy, I was so upset. I don’t remember them taking any part in the process so why should they be going around telling people as if they did? It’s my business and I was looking forward to telling people in my own way. It makes me so angry because one has a kid and should know what a special feeling it is to tell people, and then the other one made it about herself. She told people about how unfair it is because she’s been trying for longer. I don’t care how long you’ve been waiting it’s still not okay to share news that isn’t YOURS to tell! What do you lady’s think or do?