I hate my "waterfall"

So me and my boyfriend had a little alone time his brother wasn't there and his parents went out so I came over😉😏....So we make out a few times then our clothes came off and he went straight down... So a few mins later I asked if he could stop and let me go to the restroom bc he knows I hate squirting in front of him but he didn't stop he grabbed my wrist and keep going.. Next thing you know

And the worst part is I did it in his bed I felt so disgusted and I felt worst when he started to stare at me then he had the nerve to say" I ain't never lettin' you go to the bathroom ever again for now on that's mine" that made me smile

but when he got a boner that made me happy!!!

I love this person sooo much he is the world to me!!😍😘💙💙