He didn’t come home ....

So the guy living with me for the past 6 weeks didn’t come home ((no call no show)) for the FOURTH time last night. It’s 10:45am and he’s still not here

We’re not in a “relationship” but what he calls “working towards one” ... it’s been just over a year since we met. We’ve had sex a handful of times but we haven’t since he moved in because he wants “this” to be about more than sex. He tells me I’ve grown to become his best friend and he can’t wait to see how much more we grow together ...

But no calls, no hey I’m with the boys ... granted its only been 6 weeks he’s been here and relationships have their hickups. It’s just that I value my time and self and I feel I’ve given more than enough time to show him how good it can be with me and as an us ... but don’t mistake this kindness I throw out for a weakness you can prance all over ... I’m savage and I’m cut from a different cloth.

I’m really just here to vent ... more than likely he’s gone (kicked out). I’m not waiting another 6 weeks to see if I’m going to be the “girl”. I feel if you’re living in my home and sleeping in my bed I already AM her. What do you ladies think?? I posted anon because it’s fun, but I will be replying to people’s comments.

It’s always nice to have an outside eye. I’m so quick to cut a motherfucker off that sometimes I don’t see how brash and mean I can be when people don’t measure up to my significantly high standards.

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