just a rant


So my boyfriend and I used to have sex a few timea a day. we have been dating a while and live together amd so we've starrted having sex a few times a week. I'm bipolar which makes me very oversexual. so even a few times a week is hard for me. but it was fine. my boyfriend ia veeybstressed out from our roommate and work and over the past couple months, he wohld have issues staying up during sex. so he would stress about it and it would get worse. but then he calms down ans it gets better. well its now been a week since we have had sex because the last time we did he couldnt stay up and now its like hes giving up on sex even when he is horny he must doesn't. and I'm so horny I could die! i have toys but its just not the same. I know I'm beimg selfish and petty but this is just weird. its starting to make me feel unattractive. last night we went out with friends and were flirting and touching each other and we went home and showered and cuddles and I could tell he knew I wanted it and it seemed like he did as well but he just turned around and went to bed. again I know I'm being selfish I just had to rant.