Positive OPK & maybe negative HPT? @9dpo

Tiffany • 31 years old w/PCOS. Conceived a girl (born Jan. ‘17) on Clomid. Now forty weeks pregnant with a baby girl with the help of Letrozole aka Femara

I am feeling super pregnant. I have all kinds of symptoms including nausea every evening. Today I am 9dpo. I took an OPK (just curious if it would be +) yesterday and this morning and both were positive. I know I'm not ovulating because my saliva Ovulation Test shows no indication that I am. I know that getting a positive OPK can mean that you are pregnant, so I took a pregnancy test both mornings (8dpo and 9dpo), but no second showed line until well after the time limit (just like I had with my daughter), but there is color to it and I put a drop of water to see if the color would wash away and it didn't. So I'm going to wait until 12dpo to test again 🤞. I used the first signal (cheapie pink dye) the last couple days, thinking about getting a FRER for the morning of 12dpo.

The camera didn't pick up the lines on the pregnancy tests too well (super faint lines), so I have the originals and the tweaked photos below: