I'm so annoyed!!! 😑


Don't feel like being attacked today just want to vent in peace... My MIL is veeery excited about this baby coming and she wants to buy everything for the baby. I'm grateful for that but I feel like I should have some say so in the stuff. we have COMPLETELY different styles. it's my baby, and I'm the one that's gonna be using this stuff, it should be what I like and am comfortable with. Whenever I disagree on something she picks, her and my husband seem irritated and like I'm being ungrateful. small things, whatever but major shit like travel system and crib and stuff I feel I should have a say. I have a travel system already picked out. I went to the store and tested several before finding this one I like but it's really expensive. My husband asked her to get it without me present and she said she found one cheaper and sent me pics. I don't like it, it's a jogger style and I hate joggers. She seemed annoyed. I told my husband to just ask her for a gift card toward stroller instead so I can get the one I want and he looked at me with utter disgust and disbelief. though he didn't respond. she said she bought us a crib and was gonna surprise us. she didn't ask what color theme for furniture I was going with or anything. plus we already have a crib she didn't ask she just did it. now she is working on some other shit and I just to the point where I am tired of fighting it, even thought it's not what I want. We are having a boy and hoping to have 3 more kids close together. I want gender neutral stuff and she's getting big shit that is all boy stuff. I'm so fucking irritated. I was gonna let her get whatever and just take it back and get what I want but I know she will be looking to see that stuff when she visits so I just feel defeated 😔