Birth story

Kortney 💚 • 7 year old daughter and baby boy born April 2018 💜💙

Sawyer’s birth story is a rough one. I was in labor for 20 hours. When it was finally “go time” I pushed for three hours with no changes in his position. Come to find out, he was facing head up instead of face down, and because he was so big, he wouldn’t turn on his own. Reinforcements were called and they had to use forceps on me. Worst. Thing. Ever. TMI, but they cut me pretty bad on the inside and the outside. So painful. It took two doctors and over an hour to stitch me back up. I lost so much blood, I was fainting and couldn’t get out of bed. On top of it, because my body went through so much trauma and I was on so many meds, my milk hasn’t came in yet. It’s been stressing me out! Besides that, the forceps aren’t good for baby either. Sawyers poor head is so bruised. And he’s pretty jaundice right now. He pretty much wants to sleep all the time, so that totally worries me. Hot mess express over here! 😫