My incredible birth story w/ baby pic❣️

Tori • 6 weeks post 💜

Okay I'm late and I'm not sure how long this will turn out to be, but here it goes... So I was 1 week overdue. I went in on Monday at 9pm to be induced. My labor was pretty bad but bearable. I was in labor for almost 33 hours. I blame the hospital for not helping it go faster but that's okay. My contractions were ok for a long time but in the last 2 hours before i got an epidural they were so bad i was scareaming for them to get it for me lol. I pushed him out in about 25 minutes It wasn't easy but that part wasn't as much as I expected. Once he was out (with a full head of hair) I wanted my sister to cut his umbilical cord but they had to do it for us because he was choking a little bit (which was terrifying) but he was okay and hearing his cries stop as he layed on my chest sealed the deal. We left the hospital 3 days later on Friday. The recovery process is another whole story lol thats just as hard as being pregnant for a couple weeks. But He is 3 weeks old and me and baby are in good shape. His name is Amir. He is mixed. His father is African,and I am Hispanic, white and black. Here he is when he was born and now. He looks like a perfect mix of me and his daddy❣️