My son is driving me nuts today!

I am at my wits end. I know some of his days will be harder than others, I know he is struggling with his behavior, I know he’s not acting this way by conscious choice or to put stress on me - but today is the hardest day we’ve had in a while. I am overwhelmed. I can barely find a second to breathe. I’m chasing him around the house, yelling not to throw this or knock over that! Stop screaming, don’t say that, don’t hit, stop slamming doors and into walls! I’m so tired, nausea that makes standing up hard, a headache that’s splitting my head, emotions are all over the place - damn these pregnancy hormones! The combination of all this in one day is so much. I want to hide from today, I am so pathetic. I can’t figure out how to make this better, I feel trapped. All I’m doing is complaining and feeling sorry for myself! Who is that helping? Not me and certainly not my son. I am the wrong person for this job, I am weak, I was never meant for my own life!