Do I have an STI?!-update


So I think I have a an STI, but neither me or my boyfriend have had sex with anyone else. We are both each others first and have been only with each other ever since. It hurts a lot I pee, and feels like I always have to pee and just burns all the time. So I thought I had a UTI. So I’ve been taking pain medications for a UTI that my mom gave me but now I also feel like I have a yeast infection. Maybe I just have a UTI and a yeast infection??? But I’m afraid it might be more than that and my mom doesn’t know that I’ve had sex (I’m 15) and I don’t plan on telling her anytime soon. What do I do?!

Ok, so I’ve been talking to my mom about what it may be and it’s possible I may just have a rly bad yeast infection since I get them frequently. I may also have a UTI but I just got the yeast infection medicine stuff that you put up your vag and hopefully this will make it all go away, but if not I’ll be going to the doctors prolly on Monday.