Would you call your child “mama”/“daddy”?


So today I had taken my niece to a play place so she could blow off some energy. There were several kids playing, they were having fun. It was a good time. At some point during this, my niece was playing with this boy (they were both around 2 years old) and the boys father was sitting across from me. We were shooting the breeze. Once we were done he hollers out “hey daddy, let’s go!”. When he said this I did a double take, trying to see if there was an older man around. A minute later I see his son running to him. I have heard parents call their daughter “mama” before, but rarely. This was an actual first for me to hear it for a son and it got me thinking.

I personally don’t care what another person calls their kid as long as it’s not degrading. For my kids however, I don’t think id be comfortable calling my kids that. What do you think?

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