Weird situation...


Alright. So I have the nexplanon implant (expires this coming August) and my boyfriend and I usually use a condom. A few weeks ago, we had used a condom and he didn’t pull out, but we noticed later on I had gotten some semen on my leg. We aren’t sure if the condom broke or if it happened when he took it off, but it was already thrown away and we didn’t get to check. I got my “period” the next day, but it was only 4 days long with a light/ moderate flow; whereas my periods are normally a week and extremely heavy.

I know it’s so unlikely, but is it possible to be pregnant? I can’t say I’ve “missed a period” because I’m so irregular due to my birth control, but for some reason I just feel a bit uneasy about it. And yes, I am going to take a pregnancy test! I was just wondering your guys’ thoughts before I do, because to be honest I’m scared to look at the results !