I hate being married

So tonight my SO cousin is staying over. He is sleeping on a toddler bed in our room. Literally 30 min ago, he starts whining and gets out of his bed. I get up, put him in his bed, and stroke his back for a few minutes so he can get to sleep. I then get back in bed to my SO spilling onto my side. So o get in and move him over a bit. I nudge his legs because they are also left on my side. As soon as I’m done moving his leg he puts it right back. I asked him to scoot over and he said no. I asked why and he told me because I was being a jerk. He is literally 1000 degrees and I want his body off of me. I take one of the additional pillows in our bed and put it between our legs because he is not moving. He then grabs that pillow and throws it accords the room. After that, I took the pillow from under his head and throw it across the room. Things die after that but I left the room. I’m really frustrated. I go back in a few minutes later, knowing he is still up and genuinely ask him why he blew up at me asking to move his leg. He tells me he didn’t care to answer and followed it up with me being a jerk. After probing yet again, he told me to shut up. I then blew up, he then blew up. I got called bitch in several fancy ways. He got told he is a piece of shit. I am now on the couch. I hate this shit. Literally hate this shit. Sometimes I genuinely don’t want to be married. Just so done with small shit turning into assumptions ending with this stuff. I know it’s my fault too, I just wanted to rant