Ungrateful People

Today was a day of ungrateful people. I am so drained of making everything so amazing for others.

I went to my brothers twin baby reveal. Besides the fact a month ago he was both physically and emotionally abusive to me. He never acknowledged our miscarriage in the past 3 months. But for my sister in law and new nieces I went. Never got a thank you for the gift of 3 months worth of diapers I gave them for their twins. It was so hard for me to be there.

My husband made a mistake and it cost me a bathroom ceiling. So he left for a guys night. While I spent 5 hours knocking down a ceiling and cleaning and packing our home for another 5 hours for our move. Never got a thank you for doing anything. He came home and complained I posted a picture on Facebook.

I am so drained running around taking care of everyone and their needs before myself. I am just exhausted. I could have used a thank you today. I could have used a hug.