Slow weight gain

Megan • Trying for our third! First baby a miscarriage, chemical then rainbow. Second baby 9 months of trying 4 with clomid. Hoping for a quick easy pregnancy for #3
I went to the pediatrician to check Landon's weight and dosage on the reflux meds he's been taking because he has started spitting up a lot more. Well turns out in the past 3 weeks he has has only gained 11oz. He has went from the 86 percentile at birth to the 57 then down to like 30s 25 and now he's at 10 percentile. They said it wouldn't be as bad if he was at 10% and stayed but since he keeps stoping the referred me to a GI specialist which I can't get in to see until Aug 5. That is one good thing about daycare he will consistently be getting bottles and we will know exactly how much he is eating. I don't think there is anything wrong he seems happy I just wish we could get into the dr sooner!!