baby movement


anyone else's babies not moving as much? I'm currently 39 weeks. last week I had a day full of contractions that eventually went away after I went to bed and then for 2 days afterwards baby wasnt moving anywhere near her usual amount so I went in to L/D and they also noticed she wasnt very active so they did a profile ultrasound and poked around her and she started moving finally. Then the next day she was back active. now again today shes not as active. the nurse and also my doc have said that she just doesnt have much room left and the movements might now be just smaller. I do feel smaller movements just not AS often. I'm the forever worry wart so even though they've told me the reasoning and they've just checked on her and everything is fine I still am worried and I can't help it! question being has anyone had this happen and how did you deal with it so that you dont go crazy with worry??