Metformin and Pregnancy!


This is my first month on Metformin. I’m CD 26 today. I started 850mg on cycle day 2. I started taking it once a day and then moved to twice a day on CD 23. I also have been taking Iron, B complex, D, prenatals, and baby aspirin 81mg!! I have been tryin for 3.5 years. 2 miscarriages (one at 5.5 weeks April 2015 and the other at 9 week July 2017). I had surgery beginning of December to have an Adnexal Mass removed from my left ovary but it had grown so much so quickly that they were unable to save my ovary so I only have one!!

I just got a positive at 8:30pm even though I peed an hour before.

Main question is: Is it possible that me doubling the dose of Metformin this early in the pregnancy will affect it? She told me to continue taking it if I got pregnant but I didn’t expect to find out the same week that I doubled the dose.

Her office is closed on Fridays so I won’t be able to ask until Monday.