Husband isn’t attracted to me

My husband and I use to have sex all the time and it was great. Now after 7 years together and 2 kids we only have sex 1-2 a month. He says it’s cuz we never have time but usually the kids are asleep hours before we go to bed so we have time and I always try to tell him that we just need to make time for each other. Now sex feels like a chore it’s like he thinks he is doing me a favor by having sex with me. There is no foreplay or touching or kissing and it’s over in about 2 minutes. He isn’t attracted to me because I have gained a little weight after having kids. He has compared me to his skinny ex wife and a few times during fights he has called me fat. The worst one was when I was a month away from giving birth to our second child and we were fighting he called me a fat fuck. I’m struggling to lose weight after our second kid due to a medical condition. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve talked to him about it and suggested counseling and other ways to work on our problems and he always says everything is fine and I just like to complain. Does it seem like something is wrong or am I just a bored housewife looking for problems?