I’m 19, with a shitty job were I get less than 3 hours A WEEK. my manager is literally a year older than me and terrible. I will be 20 in august. College sophomore. Probably will be in school forever because we can’t afford school and I take like 2 classes a semester and my dad refuses to get financial aid because he’s stubborn. Can’t afford my school but has 6 motorcycles and 5 cars. ( 6 cars including mine.) and He’s racist and sexist. I’ve had a boyfriend for 6 months . My dad doesn’t know because he refuses to let me have a boyfriend. I’m not allowed to go out. I have a car and license and insurance but I can’t drive and am forced to take the bus. I’m not allowed to go in any other peoples cars besides my parents because it’s dangerous. I still get my phone taken away. I get my phone tracked so my parents can stalk me. I’m skinny, or at least I thought I was. My mom left for a month on vacation and came back and Keeps telling me how fat I am. I’m 5’7 and 125 pounds. I probably gained like 5 pounds TOPS. I’m on birth control so I probably gained weight. She’s controlling as hell saying things like “you can’t drink that juice with dinner” “don’t eat sugar” “ go to bed at 9 pm” IM ALMOST 20. She doesnt know about my birth control because she doesn’t approve yet She knows about my boyfriend and knows I have sex because I had a pregnancy scare a year ago and told them. They called me a whore and a slut for making a mistake. my mom is in denial. She says I don’t need birth control because I’m not married ( she only believes in sex after marriage). Maybe I wouldn’t have had sex at 17 if they taught m about it. They never taught me anything other than “never do it.” My mom knows about my boyfriend but never has anything nice to say. My boyfriends tried leaving me multiple times because we can’t do anything a normal couple could because of my parents. This is my life.