Early labor ?


So I have been having consistent contractions since about 2:30 yesterday and I’m still having them and it’s now 2 AM . They are still 3 -5 minutes apart but lasting longer and they are a stronger but manageable. The nurse told me at 5:30 yesterday to wait to come in unless I cannot walk and talk through the contractions but that it definitely sounded like I’m in early labor .

This is my second child but it’s been 9 years . My water broke with my first then contractions started ...this one still no water breaking :/ I’m worried if I wait too long I won’t be able to get the epidural. Also baby is moving fine in between contractions but I am worried she may be getting distressed going through this for so long but not progressing much? Or if there’s a reason we aren’t progressing a whole lot in 12 hours ? Even though I can still walk and talk through the contractions do you think I should just head in to labor and delivery!