Unwell grandma! Need wedding advice.


Apologies if this is posted in the wrong group, wasn’t sure where else to post.

Hello Ladies!

I am looking for a little bit of advice or ideas. Hopefully some of you can help.

We are getting married in 9 months time.

My Fiancé’s grandmother is very unwell, not expected to live for very long... end of the month maybe.

She has told her doctors she has to make it to her grandsons wedding, the doctors very gently and compassionately told her she will need to have a plan B as her plan A certainly isn’t an option 😔

My question is, how can we make a plan B happen for her? I thought maybe taking a “commitment ceremony” to her in the hospital. This being a non-legally binding ceremony-saving the logistics for the planned wedding In February.

This way she can still be apart of our story, and an important part at that and she will live her last days, weeks, months 🤞 living her dream at seeing us marry.

What do you think? Has anyone been in a similar situation or does anyone have any other ideas that can include her while she’s still with us?